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The Importance of Quality

When you're considering roll form parts for your project, you're initially attracted to the cheap cost per piece and the low material waste. However, if the quality isn't present in the parts, then those advantages can quickly disappear. At Roller Die, we strive to meet and exceed our customer's quality expectations. Our customers need to know that the parts they are getting will work for their product. Appliance and marine [...]

How Long Does Roll Form Tooling Last?

One of the most common questions the Roller Die + Forming engineers get is how long tooling lasts, especially when a customer is purchasing custom tooling. Standard tooling is great for running many shapes, but customers often have their own specialty cross sections or punch patterns and want custom tooling to make exactly the roll formed metal part they need. I took this question to Jeff Urbanik, Roller Die's Corporate [...]

Why Choose Custom Tooling

While we talk a lot about our Standard Tooling Library, Roller Die + Forming also makes custom tooling. For many of our customers, that's the best option and here are a few reasons why. Customer Owned Tooling. When you purchase custom tooling, you own it. This means that, if you want to, you can take the tooling to another roll former. But with our excellent customer service and just in [...]

Optimizing Supplier Locations

When you're considering different suppliers for custom roll formed metal parts, one factor to take into consideration is the location of the supplier and related logistics of transferring parts from the supplier's facility to yours or to the installation location. With locations across the southeast US and in central Mexico, Roller Die + Forming is able to leverage our various locations to serve a wide variety of clients and industries [...]

Roll Forming Supports Green Jobs

We often talk about how roll forming is a lean, green, low waste, and sustainable process for creating custom metal parts. At Roller Die + Forming, many of the parts we make go on to support the infrastructure and projects that are at the heart of green jobs. Green jobs is a movement focusing on jobs in areas that are environmentally sustainable and/or have a positive social impact. While an [...]

Roller Die Works with Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Just-in-time production of parts is a careful dance between suppliers and manufacturers, working to ensure the plant has the parts needed for assembly without having to warehouse the spares and suppliers are shipping exactly what's scheduled. In a world of varying demand, however, the reality of just-in-time delivery means good communications on what's scheduled for upcoming weeks and projected for upcoming months so suppliers, such as Roller Die + Forming, [...]

Roll Forming Prices Driven by Raw Material Pricing

As the price of steel and other raw materials continues to fluctuate and, largely, rise, the team at Roller Die is continuing to look for new ways to ensure the best possible custom metal roll forming pricing for our customers. While we have always focused on speed and quickly quoting new parts, that has become increasingly important when the price of raw materials changes quickly. For our customers, it also [...]

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Continuous Improvement is Critical to Manufacturing Success

All companies seek to continuously improve their processes and their services, looking to create a better end product and cut waste along the way. At Roller Die, we take the process of continuous improvement seriously. We are always implementing new technologies and strategies to improve our processes, our customer experience, and keep our quality top notch. Continuous Improvement at Roller Die Continuous improvement is a focus for each department and [...]

Looking at Economic Predictions for Manufacturing

Like every business, we are looking at economic predictions for manufacturing for the rest of the year and doing our best to predict what steps we need to take in order to ensure we come through 2020 strong. With GDP growth slowing and unemployment increasing, slowed consumer and business spending is likely to lead to a recession. The Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and other economic organizations have been putting [...]

Optimizing Logistics to Minimize Cost

With five locations across the U.S. and in central Mexico, Roller Die + Forming customers understand the advantage of location and logistics. Transportation costs can be one of the hardest costs to cut and warehousing costs can add up. Tackling these two costs can cut the cost-per-part and overhead. Our Green Cove Springs, Florida plant is well situated to help Florida solar companies meet customer requirements for large-scale solar racking [...]