RollerDie – Roll form company offers customized services like roll forming, press braking, powder coating, welding, stamping & assembly for industries.

Our Capabilities

Roll Forming
Know more about how roller die fulfils the needs of most roll forming in any industry with over 90 roll machines.

Press Brake
Get details on how press brake machinery is used in metal fabrication industry, particularly for low volume applications.

Welding & Bending
It provides information about welding & bending metals and other allied activities.

Get to know about metal fabrication, adding extruded aluminum, plastic or formed steel reinforcements.

Finishing suppliers provide completed parts or assemblies requiring powder coating, wet painting, e-coating or anodizing.

Get details on precision metal stamping with complete turnkey engineering support, tool procurement and high quality parts.

Powder Coating
Know more about powder coating and the process involved in coating various automobile spare parts.

Check out necessary fabrication processes – bending, piercing, notching, welding – to create the finished components.

Know more about Metal Riveting, Notching & Clinching Services in this section.

Our Tooling Parts

Know more about steel angles and aluminum angles that are used in many applications.

Cee Sections
Cee Section” that indicates that the opening is on one side of the Section (versus at the top or bottom).

Z Sections
Z Sections are named for their basic shape, and are often used in mounting and to support structural frames.

Check all types of Channels, such as the Box Channel, C Channel, J Channel, U Channel and Z Channel.

Hat Sections
Hat Sections look exactly as their name implies. Like a top hat, the Hat Section is composed of two outward flanges (the brim).

Design Services & Advantages

Engineering Services
It provides details on solutions provided to various engineering sector.

Know more about how to setup solar panel & their component system.

It elaborates on what are the advantages of choosing RollerDie as the custom roll form provider.

Industries Served & Career Opportunity

Industries We Serve
Provides details on the industries to which we provide our services.

Career Opportunities
Know about the career opportunities @ RollerDie to fit yourself into the right position.

Our Blogs
Browse RollerDie blogs to get information on roll forming technologies, metal notching, press brake, powder coating, metal welding & bending.

About Us
Know more about our philosophy & our team consisting of engineers, technicians, machine operators, staffs @ RollerDie.

News About RollerDie
Check out RollerDie’s Media presence consisting of collection of press releases, articles and clippings from popular news channels.

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Check for various certification accredited to RollerDie as authorized manufacturer & supplier of OEM parts.

Frequently asked questions on Roll Forming, Metal Fabrication, Powder Coating & Stamping.

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