Custom Metal Stamping

Machinery For Stamping ProcessProgressive custom metal stamping is a process that can turn raw metal into finished components. The process works by pressing sheet metals through a series of stations on a progressive stamping die. Each station alters the metal by bending or punching, until you reach a finished component.

Metal stamping is a similar process to roll forming in that you take a flat sheet of metal and turn it into a custom shape. At Roller Die, we are proud to offer our customers both of these services as we know that there are certain projects where one process would be preferable over the other. There are also times were we use both processes to create the desired cross-section. We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs and our sales and engineering teams can help customers better understand which process would be the best fit for their particular needs.

At Roller Die, we have latest in custom metal stamping equipment, including our 300 ton stamping press. Our high-quality equipment and experienced, knowledgeable staff make us uniquely positioned to support your custom metal stamping needs. Our team can help you by providing turnkey engineering services, tool procurement, tool creation, tool maintenance, and high-quality parts. We also offer a complete range of metal forming and assembly services, meaning that we could easily create all of your custom metal component needs in one convenient place. To get started with your custom metal stamping project, contact us today for a free quote.

Stamping Cross Section Die
Progressive Stamping Process Die
Cross Sectional Of Die Used in Stamping Process
Stamping Process - Fairing Support Rail Cross Section

What is Custom Metal Stamping?

Precision metal stamping is an industrial process that involves making use of machinery or equipment fitted with dies to turn flat sheet metal in coil or blank form into different custom shapes. In addition to stamping, metal pressers can also perform several other processes. These include punching, bending, tooling, notching, embossing, coining, and more.

Metal stamping is used for producing a wide range of products, including parts used in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. Stamping offers a high level of design flexibility to define and implement minute features with unique configurations and tight tolerances.


The benefits of include:

  • Cost Efficiency: It is cost-effective. As production levels rise, the cost of labor will reduce, making precision metal stamping an excellent choice for high-volume production of complex parts.
  • Consistent Quality and High Degree of Accuracy: This makes it possible to produce exact parts to the highest level of accuracy required in a wide range of industries today.

Benefits such as speed, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness make stamping the an excellent option to produce complex products in high volumes.

Our Stamping Capabilities and Industries We Serve

Our metal stamping capabilities at Roller Die + Forming dates back to more than 85 years ago. As an industry leader, we specialize in stamping high-precision, tight-tolerance, close-pitch, light- and thick-gauge metal components and assemblies. We can turn your raw metals into finished components by creating a personalized solution.

Roller Die serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, healthcare, automotive, steel, construction, marine, and more. We will tailor our services to your specific end-application needs and deliver products and components that meet your exact specifications. No matter your metal stamping needs, we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us today for a free estimate.