Metal Assembly Services

Metal Assembly Services, Metal Notching Riveting and Clinching

Roller Die + Forming is an industry leader in producing various high-quality metal parts and components to meet the demands of our customers. From riveting components together to providing complex welded assemblies, we offer excellent metal assembly services in addition to custom roll forming to serve the needs of clients in a wide range of industries.

When you need metal assembly services, it’s absolutely essential that they are performed to your exact specifications. With our dedicated and skilled team offering assembly services, we can take the specifications you provide us and return the exact metal components you are looking for.

Roller Die has the knowledge and experience needed to be your metal components manufacturer of choice.

What is Metal Assembly?

Metal assembly is the act of joining metal parts and components through processes such as welding, riveting, binding with adhesives, threaded fasteners, and more. In most manufacturing processes, metal assembly requires both automation and human labor.

Types of Metal Assembly

There are several types of metal assembly in manufacturing. These include:

Mechanical Assembly: This involves using different kinds of fasteners such as nuts, screws, bolts, and more, to assemble or join several parts together. Mechanical assembly is well suited for assemblies that are not permanent or may need adjustments and routine maintenance.

Welding: This involves fusing two or more parts together to become a single part. This method is ideal for creating assemblies that are permanent, structural, and require strength.

Riveting: Riveting is similar to welding. However, it is cheaper and provides less strength. This type of metal assembly is great for assembles and parts that need shear strength. Riveting is often used for metal parts and components that are used for processes that encounter unstable pressure and temperature.

Soldering: This requires melting a filler metal and using it to bond two metal components together. This type of metal assembly method is used for electronic parts, plumbing pipes, gutters, flashing, and jewelry.

Your choice of assembly method usually depends on factors like cost, the requirement for a permanent or temporary solution, kind of metal parts to be assembled, application, and more. Also, the strength and durability of the product play a huge role in the type of assembly method that will be used.

Our Metal Assembly Capabilities

At Roller Die + Forming, we offer sheet metal fabrication and assembly services. Our team of experts can handle virtually all types of metal assembly to your unique requirements. We use the best tools and processes to achieve accurate and highly durable parts, with no room for inconsistencies. From prototype to production, Roller Die + Forming remains your reliable partner for your various metal assembly needs. Contact us today to get a free project quote.