Custom Welding and Metal Bending Services

Welding & Bending Machine

At Roller Die + Forming, we offer a wide range of custom welding and metal bending services. From MIG welding to TIG welding, we can handle cutting-edge custom welding to help meet your specific commercial and industrial needs. Our metal bending can help you achieve the desired metal shapes to a high degree of accuracy when combined with roll forming.

Welding & bending are two related metal fabrication processes that help you go from basic metal components to completed assembly. At Roller Die + Forming, we have the knowledge and experience to help complete the welding and fabrication processes exactly the way you need them done.

MIG and TIG Welding

At Roller Die + Forming, we offer MIG welding services and TIG welding services to customers across North America and Mexico. Both welding processes use wire and gas. The MIG gun releases the gas and wire automatically while manual feeding of the wire is required for the TIG torch. For jobs that require a high level of precision and accuracy, TIG welding services are the right choice while other jobs can be finished using MIG welding. Regardless, the engineers and experienced welders at Roller Die + Forming can determine the right choice for your part and perform both MIG and TIG welding on your stainless steel and steel welding projects.

In order to support the maximum variety of industry projects, we are proud to offer both MIG welding services and TIG welding services to our customers:

  • MIG welding: Metal Inert Gas. A process that uses a continuously feeding electrode. This provides a very fast to make welds, including heavy welds.
  • TIG welding: Tungsten Inert Gas. A process that uses welding rods that are slowly fed into the weld puddle. This is most useful as a way to make welds on thinner and more delicate materials.

Metal Bending Services

Our metal bending services at Roller Die + Forming can help with your various projects that require bending metals to different angles and shapes. Whether you are looking to achieve a V-shape, U-shape, or different angles and degrees, our hydraulic and mechanical brake press can help get the job done. We can also take a shaped piece and bend it around a corner.

We offer a wide variety of welding and bending services, including aluminum welding services. We have the flexibility to support jobs of different sizes, from very small lots to very large ones, and can deliver parts to your facility on a just in time production basis. We approach every job with a knowledge that is based on many decades of experience in the custom metal components business.

Our Custom Welding and Metal Bending Capabilities

Roller Die + Forming is available to handle your custom welding and metal bending needs. Our experienced sales team can walk you through the process and help you determine the different steps necessary to create your part. Contact us today to get an accurate quote.