Precision Press Braking and Custom Metal Bending Services

Expert Bending A Metal Sheet Using a Press Brake Machine

While roll forming can be a very efficient way to get the custom metal components you need, it isn’t always practical. Press brake machinery is often a better option for small projects that require less volume. Roller Die offers brake press as one option for creating smaller batch parts. In addition to creating new components, we can also use these brake presses to perform secondary processing on existing components, giving us yet another way to create the custom shape needed. Roller Die has a minimum order size of 5,000 linear feet.

Press brake forming works using electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic power to create the power needed to bend the metal. Our sheet metal press brake services can be used at a variety of different points throughout your project; anywhere additional bends are needed that would be impractical to do using roll forming. Our engineers are skilled at incorporating brake press into roll form design with parts often going off the roll mill and over to the press brake operator for immediate further shaping.

Precision Press Braking

Precision press braking is used for breaking, forming, and bending sheet metal into different shapes, including U-shaped, V-shaped, and channel-shaped parts and assemblies. The process involves making use of a hydraulic presser to bend sheet metals at specific points to meet exact specifications. With this, we are able to design and manufacture high-quality customer parts and components to meet the very precise requirements and tolerance of our respective clients.

cleaning roll forming machineCustom Metal Bending

Roller Die specializes in providing custom metal bending for bars, pipes, structural steel, tubes, channels, and beams.  Our dedicated team of qualified experts will take your custom prototype, drawing, or designs and bring them to life. We will help create quality components that will meet your specific requirements. Our custom metal bending is done to industry standard tolerance and often even tighter tolerance.

Our Precision Press Braking and Custom Metal Bending Capabilities

At Roller Die + Forming, we understand the importance of quality and precision. From signboards and brackets to complex metal housings, we are dedicated to providing the very best of precision press braking and custom metal bending services for a wide selection of sheet metal fabrications.

Our company has over 60 years of experience in the custom metal components business and we can put that experience to work for you in locations throughout the US and Mexico. Contact us today to get started with a free quote.