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The Importance of Quality

When you're considering roll form parts for your project, you're initially attracted to the cheap cost per piece and the low material waste. However, if the quality isn't present in the parts, then those advantages can quickly disappear. At Roller Die, we strive to meet and exceed our customer's quality expectations. Our customers need to know that the parts they are getting will work for their product. Appliance and marine [...]

Booming Solar Industry Drives Demand for Racking

The solar industry is booming. You've probably seen the large utility-scale solar fields spread across valleys and hillsides. Or you've had the option to add renewable energy to your electricity bill. Maybe you've invested in solar panels for your roof and cut your electric bill down. Any of these, and more, are indications that over the past several years, the solar industry has taken off and is rapidly growing. At [...]

Roll Forming for Greenhouses

Using roll form parts to create a greenhouse is a great combination of two green and scalable technologies. Whether your greenhouse product is large or small, roll forming can provide the custom metal structure you need to create a strong, light, and functional product. Roller Die + Forming makes roll form parts from aluminum and several types of steel. These parts can have a standard or custom cross section, from [...]

How Long Does Roll Form Tooling Last?

One of the most common questions the Roller Die + Forming engineers get is how long tooling lasts, especially when a customer is purchasing custom tooling. Standard tooling is great for running many shapes, but customers often have their own specialty cross sections or punch patterns and want custom tooling to make exactly the roll formed metal part they need. I took this question to Jeff Urbanik, Roller Die's Corporate [...]

National Bourbon & National Blood Donor Day

Bourbon and Blood Donations is a cause the entire team at Roller Die + Forming can get behind. With yesterday being both National Bourbon and National Blood Donor Day, Roller Die partnered with the Kentucky Blood Center to offer a raffle with three excellent top prizes. These included a bourbon basket for Roller Die employees and a RAV4 and five-day Jamaican vacation for all Kentucky residents who donated blood yesterday. [...]

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Optimizing Supplier Locations

When you're considering different suppliers for custom roll formed metal parts, one factor to take into consideration is the location of the supplier and related logistics of transferring parts from the supplier's facility to yours or to the installation location. With locations across the southeast US and in central Mexico, Roller Die + Forming is able to leverage our various locations to serve a wide variety of clients and industries [...]

Mixing Standard and Custom Tooling

To create roll formed metal shapes, we use specially-designed rollers that bend the strip metal incrementally until the correct cross-section is achieved. These rollers, along with pre-punches, presses, and cut-off dies, are part of the tooling that is necessary to create a part. Each time your part is run at Roller Die, this tooling must be pulled out of storage, prepared, and set up on the line for use. Our [...]

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Solar Carports and Covers

Solar carports are one of those obviously really good ideas and they are starting to pop up across the country, shading cars and keeping them cool during the day while providing energy to power buildings and even those same cars. In areas of the country where solar is a strong source of alternative power, solar carports are a great way to solve two problems. The solar carport market is rapidly [...]

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Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die expands Louisville, KY staff, adding and expanding in several key roles.

LOUISVILLE, KY, April 26, 2022 – Louisville-based custom metal part manufacturer Roller Die + Forming recently added to their talent pool in the corporate headquarters with several new business development and support roles. With over 100% growth over the last ten years and the increasing demand for American suppliers, Roller Die management knows that bringing in the right talent is important to continued success. Austin Horvat, one of three new [...]

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New 2.5″ Roll Form Line Installed in Queretaro, Mexico

Recently, the Roller Die + Forming plant in Queretaro, Mexico, acquired a 2 1/2" (2.5") line to add additional capabilities to the location. This line gives the Mexico location greater capacity and gives our customers more options. Specifically, the new line can handle parts that are 0.079" to 0.140" thick, which is thicker than many of our other roll lines. While this line could produce parts for a wide variety [...]

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