While we talk a lot about our Standard Tooling Library, Roller Die + Forming also makes custom tooling. For many of our customers, that’s the best option and here are a few reasons why.

  1. Customer Owned Tooling. When you purchase custom tooling, you own it. This means that, if you want to, you can take the tooling to another roll former. But with our excellent customer service and just in time delivery has lead to decades of happy customers.
  2. Custom Design Options. When you work with the engineering team at Roller Die, we design tooling that precisely makes the cross section and punch pattern you need for your custom part.
  3. Increased Punch Pattern Flexibility. If you are running the same cross-section with multiple lengths, or you anticipate changing the hole pattern in the future, we can build that flexibility into your pre-punch at the beginning of the project.
  4. Tighter Tolerances. Because custom tooling is designed to the exact customer cross-section, it is the exact right size for the metal and can roll parts with extremely tight tolerances.
  5. In-House Engineering Support. Our engineering team works with customers from the very start to help design tooling that optimizes using our various inline processes to create the part needed at the lowest piece price.
  6. Built-In Maintenance. Maintenance of tooling is part of our cost and we ensure that our custom tooling can roll millions of feet of parts, sometimes providing well over a decade of service. When tooling is off a line, we can perform any needed maintenance in-house instead of having to send tooling to another company or overseas.

If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming, reach out to the excellent sales team at Roller Die + Forming. They can answer any questions you have, look at your part, and walk you through working with engineering to create the custom tooling for your exact part.