With five locations across the U.S. and in central Mexico, Roller Die + Forming customers understand the advantage of location and logistics. Transportation costs can be one of the hardest costs to cut and warehousing costs can add up. Tackling these two costs can cut the cost-per-part and overhead.

Our Green Cove Springs, Florida plant is well situated to help Florida solar companies meet customer requirements for large-scale solar racking projects and cut logistics costs. Being able to shorten the distance between manufacturing and the project site is the best way to cut transportation costs.

Similarly, Roller Die has locations in Georgia and Kentucky to provide parts to many manufacturing companies throughout the area including automotive, material handling, truck trailer, and prefab metal buildings. We can create your parts at the location that makes the most sense for your business. Our Mexican facility also offers an excellent option for businesses in the area.

Keeping warehousing costs under control can be handled through just in time delivery and kitting. Getting only the parts you need for the near future prevents having to warehouse excess parts. The Roller Die team can work with you to set up a system that allows for elasticity in demand and delivery on a regular basis. Further, we can put the parts we supply together into kits so that everything you need for an installation or set is packed together.

If you are interested in custom metal roll forming, reach out to our team today. Our highly experienced sales team will look at your part and understand what your business needs and then come up with solutions to help you meet your manufacturing goals.