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The Culture of Constant Improvement

Like many manufacturing companies, Roller Die has a variety of initiatives designed to make our processes smoother and our team safer, even as we bring in new customers, capabilities, and equipment. Implementing a culture of constant improvement comes from the top and impacts all departments. From small improvements to major investments, we believe in constant improvement and striving to be a little better every day. For the manufacturing side, this [...]

Roller Die Works to Expand Capabilities

The management team at Roller Die + Forming is always willing to invest in equipment to help meet customer demand. This means upgrading machinery to run faster, maintain our in-house tooling so that it holds tight tolerances, and occasionally purchasing new roll lines to run new thicknesses and calibers of material. From solar racking to rail projects, our customers needs are changing and we want to make sure we can [...]

Custom Roll Forming Tooling

While we often like to talk about our Standard Tooling Library and how Roller Die + Forming saves customers significantly in their initial costs by leveraging our pre-made tooling, we also do custom roll forming tooling design. We have both the engineers and the tool room in house to create the tooling needed to run any shape on many different types of metals. Whether you’re looking for an aluminum angle [...]

Why Choose Roller Die + Forming?

Why choose Roller Die + Forming? Simple, it has significant experience focusing on our core competency of custom metal roll forming, something we have been doing since 1927. This means we have more than 90 years of experience working with customers, building roll forming tooling, and perfecting a lean, effective process. We’ve also been building up our Standard Tooling Library with hundreds of basic shapes to help our customers cut [...]

Roller Die + Forming Purchases New Equipment

As part of our continuing efforts to expand our capabilities and serve our customers in new and exciting ways, Roller Die + Forming has purchased a new 3” mill, allowing us to run more heavy gauge materials through the roll forming process. We are excited to offer this increased ability to our customers, many of whom have parts for both lighter and heavier processes. Our engineering team is excited to [...]

Creating Value for Customers

At Roller Die + Forming, we work directly with our customers to incorporate as much value into a part as possible. Often, creating value for customers means eliminating secondary operations. For example, if your part contains holes, perforations, notches, embossing, or tabs, we can almost always incorporate these features inline as part of our process. Adding these features within the roll forming process eliminates the need to move parts into [...]

Roller Die is an Industry Leader in Custom Metal Forming

There are many factors you should consider when looking for a company to help you create your parts, but a big one is how long they’ve been a stable force in the industry. Roll forming is an investment. While it leads to a good price per piece overall, there is an upfront investment in tooling, design, and preparation that goes into each metal roll formed item. With over 60 years [...]

Can Roll Forming Replace Stamping and Extrusion?

The industrial designer has many tools available to create the technology we use every day from raw materials. Steel and aluminum can be bent and formed many ways and the challenge is to find the process that creates the most consistent parts in the most cost effective fashion. Recently, some customers have approached Roller Die + Forming to discuss whether custom roll formed shapes could replace parts they are currently [...]

Roller Die + Forming is Focused on Speed

An important aspect of lean manufacturing is focusing on making incremental improvements. These changes are designed to help our company, our employees, and our customers create better products. For the next year, throughout Roller Die, we will be focused on a theme of speed. This means many different things to different departments, but here’s just a sample of how our focus on speed might help our customers. Quote Turnaround: Often, the [...]

Extra Services That Add Value

Customers come to Roller Die + Forming looking for the efficiency of the roll forming process where long sections and rolls of steel can be turned into an almost unlimited variety of shapes. However, you may be surprised to learn that Roller Die also offers a variety of extra services that add value at a minimal additional cost. Progressive metal stamping allows the metal, before or after it goes through [...]