FREE TOOLING Parts Database Available

For the last 60 years, Roller Die engineers have stored metal roll forming tools from many different projects. As a result, we now have a variety of standard metal roll formed shapes in many sizes to meet your needs. This is part of Roller Die’s commitment to reduce customer costs and production times and provide efficient metal roll forming. Our engineers believe in the metal roll forming process and have mastered it so we can produce parts to your satisfaction.

Select a product type to begin searching Roller Die’s library of FREE metal roll forming tooling parts:

Unable to find an exact match in our metal roll forming tooling library? No problem. With nearly 200 years of cumulative metal roll forming and shop experience, our engineers and in-house tool room can still meet your needs. Fill out our Request for Quote form to explain your upcoming metal roll forming project or upload CAD designs.

Or, check out the Custom Roll Formed Shapes or Custom Roll Formed Tubes pages that detail our flexibility in handling all customer needs. We know you have many options; thank you for considering metal roll forming solutions from Roller Die.