Solar Panel Mounts

solar panel roll forming partsSolar panels are becoming increasingly common. You now see solar panels mounted on homes, businesses, billboards, and boats. If you are looking to make the best possible solar panel mounts, you want to consider roll forming. The main reasons you want roll formed solar panel mounts are speed, savings, and stability. At Roller Die + Forming, we are always working on improving our speed of production to save our customers money while never compromising the stability of the final product!

Using roll formed parts for your solar panel mounts gives your business incredible precision and consistency. Roller Die + Forming can deliver countless solar panel mounts that will work perfectly with your solar panel systems every time.

Why Roller Die Solar Panel Mounts are the Best

When you work with Roller Die + Forming, you start by working with our engineering staff to review our inventory of standard tooling and shapes. Since we already have the tooling for many shapes, we are often able to make solar panel mounts with very little upfront cost. Our engineers work with the client to find the best shapes to meet the client’s specifications. We also use our multi-gauged pre-punch tool to turn your design into ideal mounts that work for your entire solar panel system.

What are the Advantages of Roll Forming Solar Panel Mounts?

At Roller Die + Forming, we distinguish ourselves from other manufacturers through our processes. Our solar panel mounts are produced using roll forming and other metal manufacturing techniques. Some of the benefits include:

Precision and Quality: Roll forming makes it possible for us to design solar panel mounts that meet very tight tolerances. The solar panel mounts will be of high quality, uniform, and consistent all through. This is especially important when you’re covering acre after acre in panels – the tiniest mistake can result in a huge misalignment. That’s why quality is so important in solar mounting racks.

Cost Saving: Also, when producing solar panel mounts using roll forming techniques, no heat is involved. Our state-of-the-art custom-designed rollers are used to bend the material into their final shapes. This reduces energy and production cost while resulting in a stronger product that is more precise, especially over long runs.

Speed and Efficiency: Our solar panel mounts are produced through roll forming under high speed and require low labor demands. Due to the increased production speed and efficiency, it is best suited for higher volume productions. Likewise, we can incorporate additional processes such as notching or forming.

Our Solar Panel Mounts Feature:

  • solar panel roll forming partsCustom roll formed and welded shapes
  • Simple to complex structures that fit exact specifications
  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant metals
  • Consultation with our expert engineers to ensure mounting success

With these features coming standard for any customer who is looking to manufacture solar panel racks, it is no wonder we are an industry leader.

“Challenge: A potential solar customer developing a new racking system came to Roller Die + Forming with a somewhat unique Zee profile, which unfortunately would require new custom tooling in the range of $65,000. This project certainly had unique specifications, in that the customer demanded total flexibility with hole/slot locations on the Zee to accommodate multiple size modules and array layouts.”

You can read about one of our successful case studies HERE.

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